Guide to Participating in Neon Link’s Operation <Break_Me> Testnet Campaign with up to $1m in Rewards

May 8, 2023
In Neon Link

Last week, we shared information about our testnet campaign beginning today, where you can earn a share of up to $1m in NEON coins.

How? Simply participate on the testnet, spam transactions and try and break it. The more participants in the testnet campaign, the more rewards to be distributed. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

What You Will Need

You simply need a multi-chain Ethereum-based wallet, such as MetaMask and TrustWallet. 

For the purpose of this guide, we will refer to MetaMask  (MM). Please make sure to have your MM wallet set up - click here for their official guide if you do not have one.

If you have a MM wallet set up, we can get stuck into what you can do to earn points for this campaign.

Let’s Get Started - Onboarding Phase (1 Week)

First phase of the campaign will be onboarding onto the network. This will require you to add the Neon Link testnet network to your MetaMask, as well as obtaining test NEON and other tokens.

Adding Neon Link testnet network to MetaMask

Firstly, you need to add Neon Link testnet to MetaMask. Please use the following details:

Neonlink Testnet


Chain ID: 9559

Symbol: tNEON


Alternatively, you can use to add the testnet to your wallet with a few clicks. Tick the box ‘Include Testnets’ as you search for ‘Neonlink Testnet’.

While you’re here, in preparation for our mainnet alpha launch around July this year, you can also add the Neon Link mainnet via Chainlist. 

Obtaining Testnet NEON (tNEON)

Next, you need some testnet NEON coins. 

You can claim 1 NEON every 24 hours via the following faucet:

Continuously claim tNEON over the course of this week. Next week, we begin a number of activities to try and break our testnet. 

Earn Points to Earn NEON!

We will continuously update this list as new events/actions become available. Please note that only actions taken after 15 May 2023 will be considered. A subsequent article will provide greater clarity on the actions and event. For now, prepare by adding the network and obtaining testnet NEON and other tokens.

The key actions to earn points will include:

Using the Decentralised Exchange

Use the NEON DEX swap and add liquidity.

Mint a Neonite - MAIN EVENT!

The different probabilities of minting a Neonite of different rarity:

  • Common: 88.98 %
  • Rare 10 %
  • Epic 1 %
  • Legendary 0.02 %

Zealy Campaign

We will be activating a Zealy (formerly Crew3) campaign on the week commencing Monday 15 May. 

For those unfamiliar, you can complete quests on the platform to earn XP. Progressing through the quests will allow you to rank up and increase your Level. 

Final Note

We are extremely excited to kickstart this campaign which will reward our active Neonites. Please remember this event takes place over the course of around 8 weeks, concluding just before we kickstart our mainnet campaigns. 

More actions to come on the run-up to our mainnet Alpha. Look out for further updates.

You can check the neonlink testnet explorer by clicking here.