How to get WL Spot for Neon Punks

March 7, 2023
In Neon Link


The genesis Neon Link NFT collection, Neon Punks, is coming in Q2 2023. This seminal collection will have deep integration across the Neon Link gaming ecosystem, from the social components to various gaming products. The most notable is the Neon Punks Arcade.

Over the next few months, there will be ample opportunities for you to secure your whitelist (WL) spot, guaranteeing you one of these incredibly cool Neon Punks.

Read this useful and official guide to maximising your chances of getting on the WL! 

How Users Can Obtain Whitelist

There are three main ways someone can obtain a whitelist spot:

1. Participation in the NEON presale

This is a clear and easy way to secure your spot to guarantee yourself a Neon Punk:

  • Any wallet which has cumulatively purchased over $100 of NEON in the presale will be automatically added to the whitelist. 
  • If a wallet has made multiple purchases, the total amount contributed will be considered for eligibility.
  • This is an easy way for people who support Neon Link to get additional value through guaranteed access to our upcoming mint.
  • Anyone who qualifies for the mint through presale participation will also receive additional bonuses upon minting their Neon Punk (such as a free pod, required to upgrade the Neon Punk).

2. Meaningful Interact & Create Awareness of Neon Link

This method is more subjective and a way for our team to thank Neonites who continue to support the environment and culture we’re trying to create:

  • We are constantly on the lookout for interactions across Twitter, Telegram and Discord.
  • We’re looking for those who bring positive energy to our community, helping support the environment and culture we want.
  • Helping and being kind to others in the community is also positively looked upon.
  • Consistent and well-thought-out interactions will guarantee you a WL spot
  • This method is more subjective. The discretion is upon our team.

‍3. Winning Neon Link & Partner Giveaways & Competitions

This final way of securing whitelist spots will be a fun way to get involved and rewarded for finding Neon Link so early. 

  • We will be hosting various creative giveaways and competitions that encourage community participation and opportunities to secure WL spots. 
  • These will range from simple like & RT giveaways to meme or AI-art competitions. 
  • We will also allocate WL spots to brands/individuals that we collaborate with.
  • The winners of our Gleam giveaways will automatically be added to the whitelist for Neon Punks.

Oh and make sure to also pre-register for the Collection drop via our new website:

There will be WL spots given to pre-registrants through regular giveaways.

Want to know more about the Collection? 

Click here to read our article announcing the Neon Punk mint and providing initial details.

Find out more about the talented artists that spent months working together, led by the legendary Dino Tomic, to create the Collection by clicking here.

Whilst Neon Punks will be native to the Neon blockchain, with the mint taking place there, our bridge will allow them to be transferred to other chains in the future.