Neon Link EVM Sale: Purchase NEON on Arbitrum, Binance and Polygon Chains

May 29, 2023
In Neon Link

Greetings, Neonites, 

We’re thrilled to unveil details of our upcoming EVM sale, a follow-up to yesterday’s announcement about significantly revamping the bonus structure for early adopters of Neon Link. If you missed it, you can quickly get up to speed here.

This sale marks the second chance to purchase NEON coins, following the presale. With this opportunity comes tremendous bonuses, depending on the timing of your participation. By joining our EVM sale early, you can secure your NEON coins ahead of the public sale and Mainnet Alpha launch. You will need NEON to interact in the Neon Link ecosystem - you can read more about the use cases of the coin that powers the community focused web3 gaming ecosystem we’re building by clicking here.

Read on to find out more about the EVM sale starting next week on Tuesday, as well as insight into the upcoming public sale phase.

The Networks

Our vision for the future is one of seamless interoperability. With this in mind, we have hand-picked three leading EVM-compatible blockchain networks: Arbitrum, Polygon, and Binance. We plan to nurture 'close relationships' with these networks to ensure NEON reaches developers and users across the ever-expanding blockchain ecosystem.

Through our EVM sale, wrapped NEON tokens can be purchased on Arbitrum, Polygon, and Binance networks. This strategy is designed to inject liquidity across these chains. Alternatively, the wrapped NEON can be easily bridged back to the Neon Link mainnet.

The Opportunity

As we strive to establish a robust, decentralised web3 gaming ecosystem, we are delighted to offer our community a chance to secure NEON tokens on three popular EVM-compatible networks: Arbitrum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

This limited-time opportunity, ahead of our public sale, enables our community to acquire NEON tokens for versatile use across the ecosystem. Purchasing via these EVMs offers the advantage of lower minimum purchases, bypassing the relatively high Ethereum fees.

This sale marks the second chance to purchase NEON tokens, following the presale where 13.6m NEON were sold at $0.06 per coin. With the revamped bonus structure, the effective price per NEON for presale participants will be reduced to $0.015 or $0.018, depending on when they participated. 

Sale Structure

The EVM sale, aptly termed the ‘EVM Crawl’, comprises of two stages with a total of 10m NEON coins available to be purchased across the selected networks. This sale supports further growth and development of the Neon Link ecosystem as we gear up toward the Public Sale phase, Mainnet Alpha launch and beyond. 

Stage 1: Tuesday 30th May 18:00 UTC to Friday 2nd June 18:00 UTC

The EVM Sale launches with 1m NEON available to be purchased across the 3 chains at $0.06 per coin, raising $60,000 in a basket of crypto assets (USDT, ETH, BNB, MATIC, ARB). 

This stage will run for the specified period or until the allocation sells out.

EVM Sale Stage 1 NEON Allocation
Bonus for Stage 1:
  • FIRST 24 HOURS: 150% BONUS! (bringing the price to $0.024 per coin) 

Example: Purchasing 10,000 NEON for $600 and you receive 15,000 NEON as a bonus. 25,000 NEON in total for $600 = at effective price of $0.024 per coin

  • AFTER 24 HOURS: 100% BONUS (bringing the price to $0.03 per coin)

Example: Purchasing 10,000 NEON for $600 and you receive 10,000 NEON as a bonus - total for $600 = 20,000 NEON in total at effective price of $0.03 per coin

These bonuses are available only during Stage 1. Don't miss out on this opportunity to maximise your NEON holdings at an attractive price.

Stage 2: Saturday 3rd June 18:00 UTC to Sunday 11th June 18:00 UTC

The final stage will have 9m NEON to be sold at a price of $0.06 per coin, raising a maximum of $540,000 in a basket of crypto assets (USDT, ETH, BNB, MATIC, ARB). 

This stage will run for just over one week.

EVM Sale Stage 2 NEON Allocation
Bonus for Stage 2:
  • FIRST 24 HOURS: 66.67% BONUS  (bringing the price to $0.036 per coin) 

Example: Purchasing 10,000 NEON for $600 and you receive 6,667 NEON as a bonus. 16,667 NEON in total for $600 = at effective price of $0.036 per coin 

  • AFTER 24 HOURS: 42.86% BONUS (bringing the price to $0.042 per coin)

Example: Purchasing 10,000 NEON for $600 and you receive 4,286 NEON as a bonus. 14,286 NEON in total for $600 = at effective price of $0.042 per coin

A Glimpse into the Not-to-Distant Future

Public Sale

While the full details of our upcoming Public Sale will not be revealed in this article, we believe it's worthwhile to share some glimpses of what's on the horizon.

Spanning from mid-June to mid-July, the Public Sale will have a maximum of 120-150 million NEON tokens up for grabs. These tokens will be available not only on our own platform but also on a variety of external centralised and decentralised marketplaces. We're currently in the process of finalising these external venues, which include a selection of launchpads and notable exchanges.

Please note, the Public Sale generally won't feature any bonus tokens accompanying the purchases and so the effective price per NEON coin will remain at $0.06. It is worth mentioning that we're considering offering a modest bonus, ranging between 10-20%, for purchases made directly on our own platform.

To summarise, the average cost per NEON token will depend on when you choose to participate. Our bonus structure is designed to reward those who show their support for Neon Link early on. The sooner you join us, the more beneficial your bonus will be.

New Bonus Structure for NEON Purchases

Mainnet Alpha

We’re extremely ecstatic for the Mainnet Alpha, particularly as our testnet campaign, Operation <Break_Me>, makes impressive strides. Now in its 11th day, we’ve witnessed nearly 2.5 million transactions processed over 120,000 accounts,  with just under 100,000 unique active wallets with at least 1 tNEON. This testnet campaign  will continue for a total duration of around 8 weeks, with a projected conclusion in early July.

Once completed, we'll initiate the countdown to the Mainnet Alpha launch. This pivotal moment will see NEON coins dispersed into our community, with usable applications available from day one. We'll then transition to onboarding users onto the Mainnet of our EVM-compatible web3 gaming-focused blockchain ecosystem as we continue to ship new products and new  features for existing products.

Parallel to this, Ascend the End will start transitioning into the beta phase of our launch strategy. Additionally, we'll begin onboarding developers to either launch their games or expand their existing ones onto Neon Link.

We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.

Got Questions?

If you have queries about the EVM sale, the revamped bonus structure, or anything else, we invite you to join our Ask Us Anything session next week on Twitter Spaces. Scheduled for Wednesday 31 May, you can set a reminder on Twitter by clicking here.

Should you wish to submit your question(s) in advance, we've set up a brief Google form for your convenience.