Neon Link Progress Report #2: Brightening Neon Horizons

We're thrilled to present to you another progress report, overflowing with exciting updates and momentous advancements. It's been a whirlwind of a month since our inaugural report, 'Igniting NEON Summer', and we're making substantial progress in nurturing our dynamic Neon Link community.

We're thrilled to present to you another progress report, overflowing with exciting updates and momentous advancements. It's been a whirlwind of a month since our inaugural report, 'Igniting NEON Summer', and we're making substantial progress in nurturing our dynamic Neon Link community. If you haven't had a chance to read our first progress report from the end of April, feel free to catch up here.

In this installment, we'll shine a light on some of the standout developments since our last report, as well as share important details about forthcoming events and milestones.

So, without further ado, let's plunge into the vibrant world of Neon Link!

Neon Link Testnet Campaign

Our Testnet Campaign, 'Operation <Break_Me>', has been nothing short of a resounding success. We initially offered up to $1m in rewards to attract as many participants as possible; after all, the more users we have on our testnet, the more robust and versatile our blockchain network becomes. The response has been nothing short of overwhelming: over 76,000 accounts have been created and nearly 1m transactions have been processed in just one week!

In light of this tremendous response, we’re increasing the rewards to now up to $2m in NEON!

New Reward Tiers for Operation <Break_Me>

The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive, with many users expressing their satisfaction with the lightning-fast confirmation of transactions - just as it should be for a blockchain network focused on video games. We intend to continue launching activities and events over the course of the campaign (towards the end of June/early July), in the run-up to the Mainnet Alpha launch. This includes subsequent mints, product testing and campaigns on Zealy.

Stay active to be in for the juiciest rewards.

Snippet of community feedback after participating in Operation <Break_Me>

To join the ranks of our testnet participants, all you need is a MetaMask or TrustWallet account.

Check out our guide to get started and see if you can break our testnet while earning NEON.

Neon Link Mainnet Alpha Launch

We’re pleased to share that we are on track to have our official Mainnet Alpha launch in early Q3 this year. We anticipate transitioning to onboarding users onto the mainnet of our blockchain network, built for web3 gaming, in July.

We will release more details on the Mainnet Alpha as we get closer to the launch but expect a flurry of activities and launches during this phase. Particularly as users begin to receive their purchased NEON, utility will be implemented from the outset. You can also expect to see a new website launched to reflect the major transition to where we are in our roadmap.

From participating in securing the network and obtaining a voice in governance through staking to the launches of the numerous games powered by Neon Link, we’re excited to embark on this mainnet journey with our early adopters.

NEON Purchase Opportunities

Update on Presale

In Q1, we conducted a sale of NEON on Ethereum, where 13.6m NEON was purchased with ETH and USDT. This sale raised over $800,000 for Neon Link, breezing past our $500,000 soft cap target.

All these coins were purchased at $0.06 per NEON (fully diluted valuation of $60m). However, we didn't stop there. We implemented a bonus structure to reward our early adopters, leading to the average price per NEON dropping to $0.045 and $0.048 depending on when you participated in the presale.

For instance, if you purchased 10,000 NEON for $600 at $0.06, you would now receive either 12,500 (at $0.045) or 12,000 (at $0.048) NEON, rewarding you for your early support of our web3 gaming-focused ecosystem.

On 15 July 2023, all purchased NEON in the presale will be available to claim via the Dashboard. Please note this claim will be via the Ethereum network, so you should have some ETH to cover fees. All bonuses will be distributed by the end of July on the Neon Link mainnet.

New Bonus Structure for Presale Participants

We're thrilled to share that we've decided to significantly enhance the bonus offered to presale participants. This decision underscores our commitment to providing exceptional value to our early adopters, particularly in light of the general market uncertainty over the past few years.

The updated bonus structure ensures that those who joined us early on reap the best value. Furthermore, by increasing the bonus for presale participants, we've lowered their average price per NEON, leading to a lower market cap and fully diluted valuation at this time. This allows us to offer subsequent NEON purchasers even greater value, while ensuring that our early supporters get the best possible deal.

We will be sharing more details on this new structure in the next day or so, alongside the details for the EVM sale, so stay tuned!

EVM Sale

As previously mentioned, we will be conducting a limited sale of NEON on 3 EVM-compatible chains: Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, and Polygon. The accepted crypto-assets for the sale will include: USDT, ETH, BNB, ARB and MATIC.

The EVM sale provides those who missed the presale with an interim opportunity to purchase NEON ahead of the public sale and launch of the coin that powers our web3 gaming ecosystem, while avoiding the relatively high fees of Ethereum. We also understand that many in the web3 space do not use Ethereum because of these fees, and support these specific chains instead.

While we will release the specific details of the EVM sale in the next day or two, we can share that the EVM Sale will take place over 2 stages. The first stage will begin early next week. Standby for a specific article providing info on this sale.

Public Sale

For the public sale, Neonites are expected to be able to purchase NEON ahead of the launch of the coin on exchanges which is anticipated to occur in July. For this phase, NEON will be available for purchase across our own platform as well as selected launchpads, DEX’s and CEX’s with a larger allocation on offer to be purchased.

Neon Punks NFT Collection Update

In Q1, we announced our genesis mint on the Neon Link mainnet - Neon Punks. As a seminal collection, these assets will provide holders with unique benefits - increasing as they level up their Punk. You can [read more about this collection here.

Unlike the overallocated mints of the past, anyone with a whitelist will be guaranteed to mint a Neon Punk.

The visuals of the Neon Punk NFT Collection are beyond amazing...

An article outlining how to secure a whitelist spot was released in March. Currently, however, with the presale concluded, the only way to secure a WL spot is through genuine and consistent interaction across our social accounts (Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and more as we expand our presence) as well as any giveaways/competitions.

We also have a massive 1,000 WL allocation to be distributed via a Giveaway powered by Galxe. The deadline to enter is at the end of this month - click here for more information.

Ascend the End Update

As you may know, we launched the closed Alpha phase of our 3rd person shooter game towards the end of Q1. During this phase, we had a limited number of gamers and content creators play the Extraction style mode that we’ve been building over the past year.

In conjunction with this, there's an interactive menu for the game in the form of a Shelter. From here, you can enter Arenas, manage your personal storage, and upgrade your exoskeleton with a high degree of choice via skill trees.

The next phase will be the Closed Beta where we will invite more gamers to test our game. We also intend to launch a new game mode, which will add greater depth and engagement to the game.

Our devs attended Reboot in Croatia for this years event. We'll be sharing the highlights in a video we've made in the next week.

You can check out the recently released LitePaper for Ascend the End here as well as an updated website for the game.

Neon Wallet Update

We've launched the first version of the multi-chain ‘Neon Wallet’ on Google Stores, with some using it for the testnet campaign. However, we're continuing to work on the application to ensure it delivers on our objectives before activating our user acquisition strategies. We aim to launch our Wallet with more marketing in line with our Mainnet Alpha.

Other Product Updates

There are several other products set to launch on Neon Link this year during the Mainnet Alpha phase, which we'll touch upon briefly here.


Many of you have tested our Uniswap fork decentralized exchange. From providing liquidity to swapping a variety of test tokens, we have received invaluable feedback on areas needing improvement ahead of the Mainnet Alpha.

In addition to this, we anticipate a perpetual decentralized exchange (similar to GMX) to be launched on Neon Link later this year. This will allow a similar but faster and more profitable experience for traders who can take advantage of the lightning speeds and minimal fees.

Neon Gaming ID & Naming Service

Neon Link will feature a ‘Naming Service’ where users can secure domains with a .neon suffix. By securing a domain, you'll have an identity that can be used across the Neon Link ecosystem. In addition to a more convenient address than typical public addresses, you can also conveniently have one profile for all the games on Neon Link.

Having a more identifiable domain to represent your web3 identity also gets you additional perks as you explore the expanding Neon Link ecosystem. We expect to launch the Naming Service and the Gaming ID in the coming months as we get closer to the Open Beta of Ascend the End.


We're developing a unified marketplace on Neon Link, which will allow our community to purchase both PFP/art collections as well as in-game assets. We're finalizing its development and expect it to undergo a few iterative cycles as we gear up for Neon summer.

Each game may have their own marketplaces, but the unified marketplace will be able to fetch liquidity or specific assets from the marketplaces of individual games.

Neon Realms

Previously known as Neon Saga, our tactical card game is undergoing the final stages of a rebranding process and rigorous development. We expect the Closed Alpha phase for this game to begin in Q3 this year. Make sure to follow Neon Realm on Twitter for updates. We will also be releasing a Lite Paper for this exciting game in May.

Neon Punks Arcade

We're in the process of developing the Neon Punks Arcade, a new digital playground that will leverage our NEON token and provide diverse gaming experiences for our users. More details will be shared in the coming weeks, alongside a Lite Paper. You can follow Neon Punks Arcade on Twitter by clicking here.


Our Software Development Kit (SDK) is still currently in the development phase. This tool will enable developers to create and launch their own games on our platform. This is part of our broader goal of democratising game development and fostering innovation within our community.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to brighten the Neon horizon, we invite all Neonites to share their thoughts, questions, or suggestions with us. Your feedback drives us forward and shapes the future of Neon Link. We will be back with another ‘Ask Us Anything’ Twitter Spaces session on Wednesday 31 May 2023. Set your reminders directly on Twitter. More details, alongside a form to submit questions will be released later this week.

Stay tuned for more updates, and until next time, keep shining, Neonites!