October 21, 2022
in Neon Link

Developed to house and trade your in-game assets, the Neon marketplace ensures secure peer-to-peer trade on all of your favourite non-fungible items on both the Neon and Ethereum networks with other chains being added as the Neon games invade them. Neon’s low fees, easy to use marketplace dashboard and refined listing process ensures a smooth user experience.

The marketplace will be launched on NEON and ETH with plans to add Polygon, BNB and Avalanche.

An NFT marketplace is a blockchain-based online platform to sell and buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Despite the short-term fluctuations in the quickly developing NFT field, the global NFT market is expected to grow from $3.0 billion in 2022 to $13.6 billion by 2027. The segment of NFT marketplaces is anticipated to witness a corresponding rise. Skyrocketed prices and impressive trade volume of NFTs ($4–16 billion per month)  have created momentum for startups and established companies to take their first foray into NFT marketplace development.

An NFT represents a certificate of authenticity and ownership of a unique digital or physical asset which stored on a blockchain and viewable in a digital wallet. Though often compared to cryptocurrencies that also run on the blockchain technology, NFTs are exclusive and can’t be traded as equivalents in the same manner as cryptocurrencies.

NFTs are stored on a public blockchain and have metadata containing information such as who and when created an asset, who and when the asset was purchased or sold, for what price as well as who is the current owner of the asset.

In addition, the unique data of NFTs ensure easier verification of ownership and transfer of tokens among owners. It is also important to note that the owner or creator of an NFT could store specific information in it. The example of artists signing their artwork through the inclusion of signature in the metadata of an NFT shows the assurance of integrity in ownership data. Discounts, rewards and in-game asset specifics can also be stored.

NFTS are already being used for art and collectibles, physical property, ticketing, gaming and metaverse. All of these will be available on the Neon marketplace. Early next year we will be adding a unique feature allowing anyone to mint and distribute their own collection in mere minutes.

The first flood of Neon games to hit the marketplace will be Ascend The End, Neon Punks, Neon Saga and a slew of Neon Originals.