NEON Presale Referral Incentive

March 2, 2023
In Neon Link

Neonites, we’re excited to share that we are activating Referral Incentives for the remainder of the NEON presale.

With just under 2 weeks remaining of this presale opportunity, only 4.8m NEON is left (32.18%) of Stage 1’s allocation.

From today, we’re giving you the opportunity for anyone to earn some USDT/ETH by helping raise awareness for what we’ve built, what we’re building and the presale opportunity itself.

Read on to find out how you can get involved in this incentive.

Eligibility in 3 steps

Anyone can participate in this. All you need to do is:

  1. ‘Connect your Wallet’ to the NEON presale page.
  2. Create Referral Link
  3. Tell your friends and others online about Neon Link & NEON — if they do decide to participate, they can use your Referral Link and you will get rewarded for bringing a new Neonite into our community

The Reward

You will earn 5% of NEON purchases from anyone using your referral link.

All Referral payments will be sent 7 days from the presale’s conclusion (~22 March). If your Referral payment reaches the threshold ($1,000), we will endeavour to distribute it within 48 hours. Rewards under a value of $50 will be paid in NEON at presale price of $0.06 bit.