Neon Punks: 1000 WL Spots Campaign, Powered by Galxe

June 3, 2023
In Neon Link

We recently shared a new opportunity for Neonites to take advantage of their early bird status within our community. A competition with 1,000 whitelist spots, guaranteeing 1x Level 1 Neon Punk - for free.

In May, we launched Neon Link, on the Galxe platform. The platform is recognised by many notable brands leveraging it to provide value back to their active community members. It is the platform that will power this WL spot giveaway.

So make sure to give us a follow over there and stay tuned for additional campaigns with awesome rewards!

1,000 WL Spot Giveaway - Details

Campaign Duration: Thursday 9th March 2023 - Thursday 22 June 2023

To be in it to win it, you simply need to have the following Credentials obtained across Discord and Twitter.

Please note, if you have already secured a whitelist through the Presale or EVM sale, we recommend using another wallet.

As you will see, the Credentials are based on following Neon Link related accounts and engaging with a few tweets.

Anyone can participate in this campaign! It’s very easy to complete the specified actions.

Simply click here to go to the Galxe platform and get started. Click here to read more about the Neon Punk collection.

Required Credentials to enter 1000 WL Competition Powered by Galxe

Exciting Updates: Neon Punks Collection

We're excited to announce that our Neon Punks collection is set to make its grand debut. The Neon Punks are not just NFTs; they are keys to a web3 gaming-focused blockchain ecosystem. We've unveiled some exciting details about this upcoming collection.

The official "Mint Date" for the Neon Punk collection has been set for 7th July to 14th July 2023. The best part is that it's absolutely FREE! We've got the network fee covered. All you need is a wallet like MetaMask or TrustWallet.

We're also unveiling three categories of whitelists, each offering different perks and benefits but all offering a guaranteed Punk. The three categories are:

  • Standard Whitelist: Earned through giveaways and competitions. Allocation: Mint 1x Neon Punk (Level 1) during the mint date.
  • Presale Participants Whitelist: Those who participated in the presale with at least ~$100 cumulative purchases of NEON. Allocation: Mint 2x Neon Punk (Level 2) and 2x Neon Punk (level 1) during the mint date.
  • EVM Sale Whitelist: Anyone who purchases NEON in the EVM sale with at least ~$100 cumulative purchase of NEON. Allocation: Mint 1x Neon Punk (Level 2) and 2x Neon Punk (level 1) during the mint date.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the most vibrant community built around an NFT collection in web3. Check out the full details of the May 30th update on the Neon Punk collection here