Neon Punks - Ultimate Neon NFT collection

Set on planet Ferum, orbiting a distant star and awash with whirlpools, Neon Punks will use NFTs as...

Set on planet Ferum, orbiting a distant star and awash with whirlpools, Neon Punks will use NFTs as its in-game assets. You may earn or buy them in the NEON Marketplace. Some will also be compatible with other games on the NEON Blockchain, allowing for interoperability.

These badass Neon Punks are ready to bring something new to the in-game asset space. They will have advanced battle techniques, unique weapons and specific in-game skill sets making them one of the superior NFT collections obtainable within the Neon Link ecosystem due to their interoperability with other titles in the series.

Take your Neon Punk for a ride on a multitude of spaceships that roam the underground lands of Ferrum. Experience the ancient architecture and try to avoid the structures as you earn NEON. The further you travel the more NEON you acquire and the more you are able to enhance your Punk.

Our NEON Punks lead the swarm of games inside the NEON Link ecosystem. They are eye-catching and fluorescent, sweeping the NFT space and showcasing an additional facet thanks to these stunning and ferocious babies in arms. You may improve these NFT punks by upgrading them, enabling you to pimp them up, enhance their in-game powers, and boost the number of games you win in a row. They will develop an innate value all of their own.

For the formation of the NEON Punks, NEON test tubes are loaded with programmed DNA. These test tubes contain the genetic material that will ultimately be utilised to enhance the NEON Punks in tandem with the pods. There are millions of genetic modifications for the Punks, which need a variety of test tubes to contain the power. DNA is included in three different layers of test tubes. These test tubes are classed as levels 1-3, with level 1 carrying weaker genetic composition and level 3 containing the genetic makeup of top NEON Punk upgrades. 

When assessing the desired NFT level of the end product, the power scaling of the genetic composition is critical. There are a limited amount of test tubes that will ultimately correspond to a variety of levelled-up NEON Punks and their power scales. Level 1 test tubes are more likely to create lower-level Punks, while level 3 test tubes are more likely to generate higher-level Punks if utilised successfully in tangent to the NEON Punks. The photos of the ranking test tubes from levels 1-3 may be seen in the image below.

The nuclear energy oozing out of the test tubes allows for the differentiation of the genetic composition levels inside the tubes. 

Immerse yourself in the Neon Link universe, an ecosystem of AAA games developed by our studio together with other games wishing to embrace the network. Join your friends and fight on planet Ferrum in the arena and earn NEON whilst having fun and showing off your Punks. Who is the most badass?