Our Path to a Decentralised Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

March 14, 2023
In Neon Link

Neonites, we’re pleased to share our next important piece of information with you all as we come to the end of the NEON presale and move closer towards the public sale and launch of our network later this year.

As a gaming-focused, blockchain-powered ecosystem that will truly leverage the benefits of a distributed network, we are pleased to present some insight into the launch and growth of the Neon Link blockchain ecosystem. 

This article serves to provide insight into what comes next, in the form of a 3 phase plan. Make sure to check out the updated roadmap for 2023 as well, if you haven’t already.

3 Phase Strategy

We intend to launch Neon Link’s ecosystem in 3 key phases. This is a simplification of our go-to-market strategy but serves to provide you with insight into our plans as we strive to make our network the go-to place for web3 games.

Phase 1: 

Dates: January 2023 - June 2023

We are currently in this phase: 

  • Launched our online presence on 18 January with a focus on Twitter and the web3 audience.
  • Conducted our presale for 1 month during this quarter, easily surpassing our soft cap target ($500k) with over 24 hours to go.
  • At this point, both the testnet and mainnet of the Neon Link blockchain have gone live. 
  • The network has been ‘operating smoothly’, although there is little activity currently. Contracts can now be deployed and transactions occur near-instantaneously.
  • Presently, Neon Link has control of the network through the existing validators. 
  • Towards the end of the phase, the public sale of NEON will occur enabling the web3 community to own a piece of the network ahead of Phase 2.

Phase 2

Dates: June 2023 - August 2023

  • The Neon Link mainnet will launch in this phase, alongside a number of applications.
  • External validators will be onboarded to increase the decentralisation, efficiency and security of the ecosystem.
  • Purchased NEON in the presale and public sale will be available in this Phase (15 July), ushering in the beginning of the Neon Link frontier for web3 gaming. 
  • Staking bonanza will be launched - more insight on this soon as we incentivise participation to enhance the security of the network.
  • Basic governance systems and incentives implemented to encourage participation from Neonites as we drive towards a true decentralised web3 ecosystem.
  • Our 3 announced gaming products will all have at least entered closed Alpha phases of their launch strategy, with Ascend the End in the Beta phase.
  • Exchange listings will also take place (decentralised and centralised) following the claim date (15 July) to ensure sufficient access and liquidity to NEON for those who require it.

Phase 3

Dates: September 2023 onwards

  • More games and applications are expected to be deployed on the Neon Link network, 
  • The community of active and engaged Neonites is expected to expand globally, participating in our PoS consensus mechanism
  • We expect the number of Validators to steadily grow to provide greater decentralisation to Neon Link.
  • As the number of active Validator nodes grows, the risk of a central point of failure for our web3 gaming network will drastically diminish.

Final Remarks

We hope you enjoyed this update with clarification on elements of the road ahead. 

We also released an article this week providing insight into the sustainable economics and exciting use cases of NEON, the native coin to this web3 gaming blockchain-powered  ecosystem. You can click here to read more about this.

Don’t forget, we are live on Twitter Spaces today at 6:30 pm. Read more about this Space by clicking here - we look forward to seeing you there!