WASIONA - Game development Studio powered by Neon

October 20, 2022
in Neon Link

At Wasiona we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver mind blowing game. We are a group of dedicated developers, always learning and growing, working on AAA projects, creative risk-takers redefining the boundaries of gaming. We are exploring new ways to combine gaming and blockchain. Only those who are explorers at heart get to join us on our journey into the unknown. 

We are on a mission to create next-generation blockchain games that are unique and unlike anything you’ve ever played before.

Our design philosophy is simple: the player experience is at the heart of any great game. Our job is to make that experience unforgettable.

With the above in mind we are currently developing a number of titles for the Neon blockchain and can give you a sneak peak into some of these.

Ascend The End

Our signature first person shooter set in a dystopian world that is coming to grips with the aftermath of a destructive world war. The NEON token is utilised as the in-game currency. Players must grind their way through the game, gathering and crafting weapons, ammo, and armors. All assets from the game may be purchased or sold for NEON tokens on the Neon Marketplace.

There will be a total prize pool of 30 million NEON with three top prizes of 1 million NEON tokens.

Neon Punks

The next generation of blockchain gaming is here with the ever evolving Neon Punks. Play your Punks and enter the battlefield to earn NEON, the lifeblood of Neon Link. Use your fists, weapons and vehicles to defeat your foes by any means possible in the domes located on the surface of planet Ferrum. 

This NFT collection is like no other: colourful, fluorescent and upgradeable. The Neon Punks will be available for use across an array of games within the Neon Punks series. You may find one of your in-game assets exceptionally useful in the games within the series.

All Neon Punks are upgradeable using a four-tier upgrade system. Obtaining test tubes and pods will provide Punk holders with everything they need to upgrade and boost their badass Punks. The Neon punks are also customisable with the use of these pods which add more flare and excitement to the look of the punks. High monetary incentives will be given to the game's best players, and there will be a pay-to-play option for those who want to play more. 

Again, all transactions are conducted in NEON coins with regular prize pools of NEON and a multitude of in-game assets up for grabs.

Neon Saga

The ultimate collectible card game, gives you complete ownership of your in-game. Collect rare and legendary cards, build your deck, join a guild, participate in tournaments and seasons. The NEON token will be used for card packs, backs, venues, and contests, among other things. To buy cards and packs, you must use NEON tokens.  Gamers may trade cards on NEON Marketplace, producing enormous secondary volumes. To attract participants, lucrative tournaments and leagues will be held.  There will be regular prize pools of NEON and a multitude of in-game assets up for grabs.

This is just a taste of things to come and our team has other games in the pipe line which we look forward to revealing in the near future.