Web3 Gaming: The Emerging Crypto Narrative Episode #3

March 23, 2023
In Neon Link

We’re back with another episode of Web3 Gaming: The Emerging Crypto Narrative this Thursday at 7pm UTC. You can set your reminder directly on Twitter for the Space by clicking here.


The format of this Episode will be similar to previous ones. There will be a focus on discussions around pertinent topics in the web3 gaming space and video games in general. This includes a discussion about the challenges, trends, and developments taking place right now in web3 gaming. 

We will also allocate time to answering questions submitted or asked live during the Space.

Got Questions?

Feel free to submit your questions in advance via our dedicated form. Please do take a few minutes to fill this out. The best questions will receive WL spots and possible $NEON rewards.

You can ask us any questions related to web3 gaming or even the Neon Link ecosystem and $NEON coin.