Web3 Gaming Twitter Space: The Emerging Crypto Narrative #2 - 15 March Summary

March 16, 2023
In Neon Link

We recently held a Twitter Space to discuss the future of web3 gaming. It enjoyed a record turnout with over 17k listening in.

During the conversation, we focused on traditional gamers' perceptions of web3, what to consider when investing in web3 gaming, and Dr Disrespect’s game, Deadrop. We also answered some questions submitted by our community.

You can click here for a direct link to the recording. If you don’t have time to listen to the entire hour - we have provided timestamps for you below:

Timestamps with brief summaries

From 3:44, we discussed how the web3 gaming space is still tiny and young considering NFTs emerged in 2017 (Starting with Crypto Kitties). The natural evolution of web2 to web3 with the benefits it provides.

At 7:11, we shared an update on the presale, which has now ended having raised over 817k for Neon Link.

At 10:44, we transitioned to talking about Phase 2 of our mainnet rollout plan. Our plan encourages users to play our games for longer periods of time through replay value. We believe that good gameplay wins over financial opportunities that are not sustainable.

At 13:50, we discussed one of our three launch games within our ecosystem, Neon Punks Arcade, offering gamers new a variety of mini-games (hypercasual) - we also discussed the Neon Punk genesis collection on Neon Link too.

At 19:35, we discussed the monetary incentives and focus of web3 games, using Dr. Disrespect's game as an example in web3 and NFT gaming. We also talked about the importance of listening to the community (end users the game has been designed for) in an authentic manner.

At 26:45, we emphasised the importance of understanding the participants in our ecosystem and the motivations behind why we play games. The importance of infrastructure being developed by the likes of Unity (a public trade company with market cap of just under $10 billion).

At 35:13, we discussed the challenges of web3 gaming, including the perception of the industry and scams. 

At 42:12, we talked about holding Neon with a long-term view and the key components of supply and demand. 

At 48:20, we discussed the revenue generated from buying back Neon from the marketplaces and burning it to counteract the intended inflation in the next ten years and to retain value within the NEON economy as the ecosystem grows.

At 50:00, we clarified further stages to our presale and additional opportunities to purchase $NEON.

At 52:44, we emphasised that our ecosystem is not solely English-speaking but has a global appeal. We will be targeting Asia and ROW, hoping to create a platform that appeals to all gamers worldwide.

At 55:04, we covered the topic ‘Do gamers really like NFTs and web3? ‘

55:24 we discuss the marketing approach of web3 games - When the market turns and assets which are marketed as investments depreciate in value, you lose players. They have not bought it for the purpose of ‘I look cool in it’. 

1:01:43 Setting and managing expectations so the gamers will have a positive experience.

1:01:58 Sharing of experiences, including a focus on the reasons why we play games and the benefits on growth.

1:04: Opportunity to purchase Neon on EVM-compatible chains in the near future, prior to public sale. 

In conclusion, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable ecosystem for the long term, enhancing the gaming experience, and incorporating Web3 tools and resources. Our dedication to the community and the financial elements of web3 gaming sets us apart from other platforms.