Web3 Gaming Twitter Space: The Emerging Crypto Narrative - 9 March Summary

Read a summary of our most recent Twitter Space

Neonites, we’re pleased to share our summary for Thursday’s Twitter Space where over 9000 tuned in during the hour. 

Thank you to everyone who listened in and especially those that asked questions! You can click here to play the recording of the Space on Twitter while using our timestamps below to forward to the areas of interest to you.

  • 1:37 - Introductions
  • 1:58 - Who/what Neon Link is and what we’re about 
  • 3:00 - Brief overview of Neon Link gaming ecosystem
  • 4:04 - Ask Us Anything Segment: Answering some submitted questions
  • 4:34 - Seeing that several projects have disappeared due to their business model such as Theta Arena, among others. What would be its differentiation for your model to be sustained?
  • 9:27 - Are we going to be able to stake our NFT for some in-game perks?
  • 11:50 - How will positive player behaviours be incentivised and misuse of the play-to-earn system prevented?
  •  15:14 - What role do players play in game development and how can the community be involved in game decision-making?
  •  20:17 - For every different game I guess we ll need to buy different NFTs. Will the Neonian NFT give us any discount on the NFTs required for every game? Any other benefits?
  • 23:34 - About the tokenomics. Is there going to be a max supply and will there be a token burn with every transaction or nft purchase or the tokens will be re-distributed to the community through staking or Play to earn gaming?
  •  34:31 - In one of the videos you said that games like "Card game" and "Ascend The End" will be able to be played with or without NFT. How do you plan to achieve this, given that NFT tends to mean some advantage in the game itself (especially in Ascend, where if I understand correctly there is only one winner at the end)?
  • 39:18 - Ethereum's ERC-4337 Account Abstraction - Discuss the massive web3 user experience update for Ethereum & EVM chains (including Neon Link)
  • 47:26 - Gaming Engine Unity adds MetaMask functionality among other web3 tools
  • 54:29 - Closing off Remarks - adoption and onboarding billions of users into web3.

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