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The Neon community is a 100% open-source project created to connect decentralized gaming with the crypto-sphere and NFT-sphere. Join the community and keep updated with the project development and game releases using the links provided.

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The Neon community is vast, vigorous and fast, encouraging its members to take part. Check out all our social media links or validator tutorials and begin your journey with us. Alternatively, please contact us if you feel that your game should live here.

Begin Running a Neon Validator

Device setup

The first steps to becoming a validator are to hold the required NEON tokens and set up your machine. It is recommended that you have the minimum requirements of a m5.large (AWS or similar) general purpose instance with 2 CPUs and 8 GB of memory, Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (64-bit), and a minimum disc space of 250 GB or above.

Next, set up the initial non-rooter user download. GO and Lachesis are required. The next step is to create the validator wallet and officially run the validator on the Neon Chain.

Criteria for Running a Validator

Participants wishing to run a validator on Neon will need to stake 250,000 NEON tokens. These tokens will initially be purchasable from the NEON private and public sales and then from decentralized and centralized exchanges once liquidity pools and trading goes live.

Become A Neon Original

The Neon Originals concept is designed to assist game developers who wish to have their games furthered by the Neon blockchain.

  • Games - integrated with interoperability and cross chain utility in mind

  • Apply - by filling out the Neon Originals Form

  • Funding - 50k USD of NEON tokens will be allocated to successful applicants

Become a Neon Influencer / Ambassador

Use the link provided in the application form if you wish to be considered as an influencer/ambassador for Neon Link.

  • Early access to beta games

  • A guaranteed spot for VIP meet-ups

  • Connections with other influencers or ambassadors

The Neon Meet-up Program

Meet up with other gamers on Neon Link, connect and enjoy the company of community members within your region. Exchange gamer tags for Neon and play together from the comfort of your own home.

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