For game developers

We aim to be the go-to destination for game developers and publishers who want to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology, AI and other elements supported by our Software Development Kit (SDK).


This SDK will provide support for developers to build and deploy games on the Neon network, as well as for players to access a wider range of games.

Easy Integration

Existing web3 game developers can easily plug into the Neon network with our SDK and EVM Compatibility

Comprehensive Developer Tools & Support

Receive support from Neon Link, as well as tapping into a supportive community of game developers!

Distribution & Reach

The Neon Link ecosystem will help game developers and publishers reach a global and engaged audience!

New Monetisation Opportunities

New or enhanced monetisation opportunities (from in-game purchases to royalty earned from secondary purchases of in-game on-chain assets!)

Increased Community Engagement

Build a true fan base around your game and increase player engagement.

Register to build amazing games with us and receive significant support and grants from us to increase the chance for your game’s success:

Begin Running a Neon Validator

Device setup

The first steps to becoming a validator are to hold the required NEON coins and set up your machine. It is recommended that you have the minimum requirements of a m5.large (AWS or similar) general purpose instance with 2 CPUs and 8 GB of memory, Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (64-bit), and a minimum disc space of 250 GB or above.

Next, set up the initial non-rooter user download. GO and Lachesis are required. The next step is to create the validator wallet and officially run the validator on the Neon Chain.

Criteria for Running a Validator

Participants wishing to run a validator on Neon will need to stake 250,000 NEON coins. These coins will initially be purchasable from the Neon private and public sales and then from decentralized and centralized exchanges once liquidity pools and trading goes live.