for gamers!

Neon is built specifically and only for video games!


Play rewarding games
in a universe designed for you!

As an ecosystem focussing on you, we are able to give you:
Awesome and extremely fun games!

We work with developers and provide them the tools to create awesome games with exciting new experiences and opportunities for their players!

True Ownership & Reward

Neon Link empowers gamers by allowing them to truly own and control their in-game assets. 

Going further that in-game assets, own a piece of the Network and the games themselves!

Open to Anyone

Anyone can participate in the Neon Link ecosystem - all you need is a wallet!

No high barriers to entry and intact competitive integrity across relevant  games (focus on ensuring no pay to win elements and pricing out new gamers with high price assets).

Invisible and/or Beautiful Experience

Our use of web3 technology is as seamless as possible, making the player experience not feel clunky or difficult!

Environmentally Friendly Operations

The operation of the Neon blockchain network requires minimal energy due to the use of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Consensus Protocol.

Join us as we build the future of gaming together with gamers, developers and publishers!

Upcoming Games

With 3 games already launching this year, Neon Link will host a variety of exciting, extremely fun and interoperable games! While the 3 games outlined here are developed in-house, we will partner with game developers to expand the game library on Neon.

Ascend the End

  • 3rd-person competitive shooter game

  • The Neon token is used as the in-game currency. Players must grind their way through the game, gathering and crafting weapons, ammo, and armour that they can keep or sell via the Neon Marketplace.

  • There will be a total prize pool of 30 million Neon with three top prizes of 1 million Neon tokens.

Neon Saga

  • A one-of-a-kind mobile & browser based card game with a unique gameplay concept

  • The Neon token will be used for card packs, venues, contests, and more.

  • Gamers may trade cards on Neon and secondary marketplaces

  • To attract participants, lucrative tournaments and leagues will be held. There will be regular prize pools of Neon and a multitude of in-game assets up for grabs.

Neon Punk

  • Simple, entertaining, and addictive NFT-based gaming platform centred on our incredible art.

  • All transactions are conducted in Neon coins with regular prize pools of Neon and a multitude of in-game assets up for grabs.