NEON is the core coin within the Neon ecosystem, required for governance and participation in the network.


Use Cases

Below are the key utilities provided by holding a NEON coin, in addition to owning a piece of the Network!

NEON Holders can participate in governance of the Network through staking their coins.

Holders can generate new suggestions and vote on existing ones for the growth and enhancement of the network,

This allows users to actively participate in community activities and interact with other community members.

Incentives for participation in governance…


While staking NEON coins for participating in the governance of the network, get rewarded! Earn from the allocated pool, as well as from revenue from the games on NEON!


Coin holders of any quantity may engage in our ever-expanding farming opportunities to earn more NEON or other coins on the network.

These opportunities will be open to holders of any amount of NEON.

Network Transaction Fees

For NEON Marketplace purchases and all other interactions with the blockchain, a tiny (0.0001c) transaction fees will be paid in $NEON.


Our allocation plan for the total supply of NEON coins is outlined below:

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