our journey

Neon Link, the blockchain gaming ecosystem, is launching in early 2023 with three games and several key components. Check out our roadmap below to see what we’ve accomplished as well as exciting upcoming milestones, including token sales and mainnet launch.




Building of NEON Testnet

Building of NEON Mainnet

Building of NEON Exchange


Building of NEON Bridge

Building of NEON Wallet

Designing ‘Neon Originals’

Building NEON’s Block Explorer

Testing of NEON Network and Components


Development of 3 Launch Games Begins: Ascend the End, NEON Saga and NEON Punks

Building of NEON Marketplace

Integration of Additional Chains for Bridge

Optimisation of NEON Network

SDK: Basic Developer Documentation & Tools Created for Seamless Web3 Game Integration into NEON



Neon Mainnet Rollout - Phase 1

Neon Wallet Launch

SDK: Building Dynamic AI NFT Creation Tool for In-Game Assets & Avatars

Ascend the End Game - Alpha Phase

$Neon Token Private Sale


SDK: Building Components to Support Competitive Aspects of Games on Neon

Neon Naming Service (NNS) & NEON Gaming ID Launch

Neon Saga Card Game - Alpha Phase

Neon Arcade - Alpha Phase


Neon Mainnet Rollout - Phase 2

Validators: Phase 1 

Neon Originals - Game Development Incentive Launch

Neon Exchange Launch

‘Farming’ on Neon Launch (Liquidity Incentives)

Staking Begins!

Ascend the End Game - Beta Phase

$Neon Token Public Sale

Listings of $Neon on both Centralised & Decentralised Exchanges

Launch of Neon Punks NFT Collection


SDK: Building Additional AI Tools to Support Game Development on Neon

Neon Arcade - Beta Phase

Neon Saga Card Game - Beta Phase


Full global launches & further development of existing game portfolio, expanding on features and game modes

Development of new games on Neon!

Development of more tools and components to our SDK, enhancing the gaming experience on Neon for developers and players.

Growth of Validators (Phase 3) on Neon to achieve a greater degree of decentralisation.