The complete gaming blockchain is here

Gaming with P2e systems is evolving with the Neon Project. The complete package for a gamer has been developed on the Neon Chain.


Decentralized Exchange

Neon’s decentralized exchange (or DEX) is a peer-to-peer marketplace where transactions occur seamlessly between gamers and traders alike. Farming and staking will allow you to utilize and maximize your crypto's true potential. Cross chain functionality and interoperability will enable you to move your tokens and assets between numerous networks.

NFT Marketplace

Developed to house and trade your in-game assets, the Neon marketplace ensures secure peer-to-peer trade on all of your favorite non-fungible items on both the Neon and Ethereum networks with other chains being added as the Neon games invade them. Neon’s low fees, easy to use marketplace dashboard and refined listing process ensures a smooth user experience.

Blockchain Explorer

Neon’s lightning fast testnet and mainnet blockchain explorers provide the necessary online tools enabling you to search for real-time and historical information about the blockchain, data related to blocks, transactions, addresses, smart contracts, specific contract interactions and more.

Neon Wallet

A safe and secure place to store and hold your digital assets and essential game items. The Neon wallet is compatible with any EVM. Simply enter the chain ID, native token and explorer details to gain access to any network and interact with your favorite Dapps on any chain. The wallet is available as a Chrome extension as well as in both  Google Play store and Apple store.

Neon Bridge

The bi-directional cross chain Neon bridge facilitates transactions between Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Chain and Fantom, with more networks incoming.

Neon Punks

Fluorescent and striking, the “Neon Punks” are in your face, leading the slew of games within the Neon Link ecosystem. These beautiful, badass babes in arms bring a new dimension to the non-fungible space. These NFT punks are upgradeable, allowing you to pimp and maximize their in-game capabilities and increase your winning streak. They will become inherently valuable.


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