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Redefining Web3 Gaming

Neon Link is a web3 gaming-focused network, dedicated to equipping game developers with the tools and environment they need to create incredible games. Powered by the Neon Link network and NEON coin, our ecosystem provides a seamless platform for the future of gaming. For an in-depth look at the Neon Link ecosystem, explore our comprehensive knowledge base on Gitbook.







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Our suite of products across both video games and blockchain/smart contract technology, as well as emerging technologies create an exciting environment that facilitates value creation, SWAP and retention.

Gaming products on NEON

Ascend the End

  • 3rd Person Shooter
  • PC & MAC
  • Collective campaign narrative with variety of competitive multiplayer modes.

Neon Realm

  • Collectible Card Game
  • PC, MAC & Mobile
  • Tactical DCG with 5,000+ upgradable cards

Neon Punks Arcade

  • Variety of 'mini-games'
  • Browser & Mobile
  • Play in an Arcade style platform with fun and hyper-casual games
3 gaming products are launching this year, powered by Neon Link. Prepare for more games to be developed and deployed on Neon Link as we expand the library of games available.
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Why you should become a Neonite

As a Neonite, you'll be part of a vibrant community that's shaping the future of gaming. Your support can contribute to the development of a more transparent and fair gaming ecosystem. Join the Neonites and gain access to exclusive benefits, such as early access to new games and features. Your support helps Neon Link continue to innovate and grow.

Innovate and Play with Neon Link

With our mission to provide gaming products for everyone, Neon Link is the ideal platform that not only brings your innovative web3 gaming ideas to life but also offers a supportive and technologically advanced environment tailored to your needs, while supporting game developers.

Scalability & Performance

Harness the power of our robust blockchain infrastructure, designed to handle up to 35,000 transactions per second, ensuring that your games can scale effortlessly and perform seamlessly, meeting the demands of a growing player base.

Powerful Dev Tools

Gain access to an extensive suite of development tools and resources tailored for building engaging web3 games on Neon Link. Empower yourself to create immersive and innovative gaming experiences that will captivate your audience.

Monetisation Opportunities

Leverage the Neon Network to create on-chain in-game economies, marketplaces, and revenue streams, providing your players with a seamless and engaging way to interact with your games, unlock value, and contribute to your project's success.

Support & Incentives

Benefit from Neon Link's accelerator program, which offers grants and support for game developers who join the ecosystem early. Get the backing you need to turn your web3 gaming vision into a reality, and bring your creations to a global audience.

Ownership & Control

Retain full ownership and control of your intellectual property and game assets, while leveraging Neon Link's blockchain technology to offer your players true ownership of their in-game items, characters, and achievements, fostering trust and long-term engagement.

Easy Integration

Neon Link's user-friendly platform allows for seamless integration with your existing development workflows, while our cross-platform compatibility and interoperability features ensure that your games reach a wide audience across multiple platforms and ecosystems.
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Neon is the core coin within the Neon ecosystem, required for governance and participation in the network.