About Neon Link

Neon Link is more than a gaming platform - it's a vision for the future of entertainment. It's a community-focused ecosystem that values transparency, player control, and fair profits in gaming. Neon Link is at the forefront of the gaming revolution.
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We’re redefining web3 gaming

Neon Link's mission is to revolutionize gaming through web3 technology, creating an innovative ecosystem that empowers gamers and developers, representing the next interactive frontier with true digital asset ownership, community-driven innovation, and exceptional player engagement enabled by blockchain.

For Gamers

Neon Link delivers a unique experience, empowering true ownership of in-game assets, governance participation, and a thriving global community. We redefine gaming by enabling true digital ownership.

For Developers

Neon Link fosters a collaborative space with robust tools, support, and incentives to create exceptional web3 games. Our platform simplifies blockchain integration, unlocks monetization potential, and connects developers with an eager gaming community.

A new era of gaming has arrived

Our mission is to connect the world through a permissionless web3 gaming frontier.
By bridging the worlds of gaming and blockchain technology, Neon Link is committed to creating a thriving web3 gaming ecosystem that empowers gamers and developers to shape the future of interactive entertainment together.
Decentralized platform offering transparency and control to players.
Supportive environment for game developers' innovation.
Designed for interoperability with other blockchain networks.
Promising potential for growth in web3 gaming industry.
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Our Values

Open Source

Neon Link believes in the power of collective intelligence, making its code accessible for everyone to contribute and learn.


Neon Link leverages blockchain technology to distribute control among users, eliminating central authority and promoting fairness.


Neon Link values honesty and clarity, ensuring all transactions and operations are visible and verifiable by the community.


Neon Link is built by and for its community, valuing their input and fostering a collaborative environment.


Neon Link is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology, constantly seeking new ways to enhance the gaming experience.


Neon Link understands the need for quick transactions and swift gameplay, ensuring a seamless and efficient gaming experience.